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28 July 2023



The South African Gunowners’ Association (SAGA) is a proud advocate of the responsible and lawful ownership and use of firearms by South African citizens. As an organization, we believe that firearms serve as a crucial tool for personal protection, hunting, sport and recreation.

We note in recent news that there is the possibility of a class action lawsuit being launched against the Police Minister on behalf of families of those murdered with firearms smuggled by police members, as well as survivors of such crimes.

SAGA remains committed to working with government and law enforcement agencies to address issues related to illegal firearms, including those that may have been smuggled from the police to gangsters. We believe that responsible firearm ownership and management, coupled with effective law enforcement, are key to ensuring the safety and security of all South Africans.

SAGA extends a warm invitation to all South African citizens who embrace the principles of safe and responsible firearm ownership to join us in our efforts to protect and preserve our rights.

24 May 2023


8 MARCH 2023

The South African Gunowners’ Association (SAGA) is a proud advocate of the responsible and lawful ownership and use of firearms by South African citizens. As an organization, we believe that firearms serve as a crucial tool for personal protection, hunting, sport and recreation.

We note in recent news that there is the possibility of a class action lawsuit being launched against the Police Minister on behalf of families of those murdered with firearms smuggled by police members, as well as survivors of such crimes.

SAGA remains committed to working with government and law enforcement agencies to address issues related to illegal firearms, including those that may have been smuggled from the police to gangsters. We believe that responsible firearm ownership and management, coupled with effective law enforcement, are key to ensuring the safety and security of all South Africans.

SAGA extends a warm invitation to all South African citizens who embrace the principles of safe and responsible firearm ownership to join us in our efforts to protect and preserve our rights.

28 FEBRUARY 2023

Please be advised that the SAPS 539 Permission to Store a Firearm form has just changed.

The new form is attached for your attention.

This new form will apply to all new applications for permission to store a firearm and does not affect exisiting storage forms until such time as they need to be renewed.

The main difference between the old and new forms is that this form requires the signature of both the licence holder or responsible person and the person who will store the firearm.

21 FEBRUARY 2023

South Africa is in the midst of a violent crime crisis. The latest crime statistics puts us on track for over 30 000 murders per annum, and a rate of 50 homicides per 100 000 population. Which makes us the most homicidal nation on earth.

The total failure of policing and the criminal justice system is to blame for this state of affairs. The rot first became apparent after the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and by October 2018 National Commissioner Khehla Sitole told parliament that the national crime prevention strategy had “collapsed” and it is “impossible” for the SAPS to fulfil its constitutional mandate.

This state failure created a colossal security vacuum, and criminals readily exploited it. As a result South Africa now has among the highest levels of organised crime in the world. And our rapidly rising violent crime rates flow directly from it.

Construction and taxi mafias, gangs and illegal miners (Zama Zamas) are well-established and prolific. They are well-resourced, have captured certain police stations and parts of state security organs, and readily use violence. All of the recent tavern massacres are directly associated with organised crime groups carrying out mafia-style attacks. As are gang hits, taxi route warfare, and other types of so-called “mass shootings”.

The SAPS not only appear entirely powerless to stop them, but alarmingly are themselves actively targeted and attacked in their police stations by criminals raiding for guns and ammunition.

To further exacerbate matters, in many cases corrupt police officers are working directly with the syndicates and supply them with arms. As per Mark Shaw’s book Give us More Guns, corrupt cops literally flooded the gangs with guns stolen out of SAP13 evidence stores and armouries. A practice that continues to this day.

Our security crisis is well-defined, but there is little meaningful action from the state in taking on the syndicates. Dear Member
Instead, special interest groups and government officials have disingenuously used violent incidents to call for stricter gun control legislation and civilian disarmament. South Africa, which has a civilian rate of firearm ownership of a mere 9.8 guns per 100 people (which is less than half that of Germany, and less than a third that of Austria and Canada) is allegedly suffering from a “proliferation” of guns. A patently and demonstrably false claim.

Civilian-held firearms are not the problem – and the solution does not lie in further regulation or restrictions.

We know, as is supported by independent research from the Wits School of Governance (commissioned by the Civilian Secretariat for Police in 2014), that firearm control legislation has no meaningful impact – if any at all – on crime and violence. Instead the level and strength of policing is the key determining factor that directly influences our murder and violent crime trends.

Both Dr. Johan Burger and David Bruce from the Institute of Security Studies in their various writings indicate agreement with this conclusion. As do numerous other security consultants and experts.

Pathetically low conviction rates – 15% for murder, 9% for rape, and less than 3% for trio crimes – mean that violence is cheap. There are zero meaningful consequences for criminals using extreme violence to get what they want. Combine this with the high level of dysfunction of the SAPS and crime intelligence, and you have a recipe for disaster.

We must place our focus on addressing and solving the very obvious and agreed-upon problem: our corrupt, criminally-infiltrated, and broken police and criminal justice system. Astoundingly, in defiance of all available evidence and common sense, we are still entertaining public discussions about civilian disarmament.
This discussion is wholly non-sensical and a waste of time.

We need a solutions-driven approach to fix policing and criminal justice. This is a serious and monumental task. And it will require the whole of civil society’s involvement to get it right. Unless we begin this task as a matter of grave urgency, our crime and violence problem will continue worsening beyond the current astronomical level.

Demanding we ban ordinary law-abiding people from defending themselves and their families with firearms in what is due to be the most homicidal and dangerous country on earth is not the solution. It is, instead, complete insanity.

14 FEBRUARY 2023

SAGA Chair, Damian Enslin, was interviewed live on Newzroom Afrika yesterday evening and has issued a press release today. Below is a link to the interview and underneath that is the press release.

SAGA is fighting for your firearm rights. Ensure your membership is up to date and encourage other firearm owners to join SAGA.


14 FEBRUARY 2023

With heavy hearts, the South African Gunowners’ Association (the SAGA Trust) extends its deepest condolences to the family and friends of Kiernan "AKA" Forbes, who was tragically taken from us in Durban last week.

We acknowledge the reality of the high crime rate and violence in South Africa, but we reject the false narrative that guns are the root cause of the problem. According to a recent study by the Research platform Wisevoter, only 4.87 deaths per 100,000 people in South Africa were caused by firearms, while 16.95 were caused by stabbings. With a population of 60.6 million, this equates to tens of thousands of South Africans being affected by violence that has nothing to do with firearms.

We take issue with the misleading information being spread by organizations like Gunfree South Africa and the recent statement by Gauteng Premier, Panyaza Lesufi, who calls for stronger gun laws as the solution to violence. The proper use, ownership, and training in firearms can lead to a safer society, which more restrictions on law-abiding citizens cannot do.

To truly combat the high crime rate in South Africa, we need a multi-faceted approach. This includes effective policing, better leadership, neighbourhood watches, and a focus on education and rehabilitation programs to address the root causes of violence. The South African National Police Service (SAPS) has long struggled to fulfil its mandate of combating and investigating crime, and its recent restructuring has only further handicapped its ability to serve and protect the public.
It's clear that poor leadership is the real issue at hand, as demonstrated by the recent riots in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng that resulted in the death of 337 people and widespread destruction, while the police seemed unable or unwilling to intervene.

The SAGA Trust believes in the importance of advocating for the proper use, ownership, and training in firearms as a means of promoting safety and security in South Africa. We cannot allow false information and political agendas to dictate the conversation on violence and crime in our communities.

In light of these recent events, we call on the government to prioritize addressing the root causes of the high crime rate in South Africa, including the ineffective and under-resourced policing. It's time for a comprehensive approach to reducing violence in South Africa, and this starts with acknowledging the real issues and working together to find effective solutions.

15 NOVEMBER 2023

Please share this, the more members we have the bigger our voice is!

21 JULY 2022

The IBIS testing on some firearms that were handed in under the amnesty cannot be completed because these firearms were made inoperable by their owners prior to handing them in. This is now causing a delay in the evaluation of the new licence applications for these firearms as the IBIS testing has to be completed first.

If you handed in a firearm under the amnesty that you made inoperable prior to handing in by taking out the firing pin or bolt action, then you are requested to please take these parts to your DFO.

19 JULY 2022

With the permission of Martin Hood we are circulating his comments about firearms handed in during the amnesty:

For all those who handed in firearms under the amnesty, who are still waiting for an approval, here is the answer to your question regarding your firearm at the SAPS.

The question has been frequently asked whether amnesty firearms fall under the directive and if amnesty applicants can collect their firearms from SAPS.
In short, my answer is no, amnesty firearms do not fall into the ambit of the Fidelity judgment.

Here's why.

The amnesty was the best choice at the time to legalise an expired firearm license and firearm. It was never going to be ideal or the optimal choice but it was all we had. It was a proclaimed or regulated process, permitted by the FCA, and the process itself was a separate legislated process that was applicable at a particular point in time.

The Fidelity judgment was never about amnesties and says nothing about the amnesty process. Therefore the judgment does not help persons who applied for amnesty. I agree this appears to be unfair, but it simply is what it is and we have to accept the situation. People did what the law permitted at that particular time, and circumstances changed due to a judicial interpretation of the FCA. This type of situation happens in law from time to time.

Another reason to consider is the administration that SAPS would have to undertake to bring amnesty firearms into the Fidelity judgment. Many applications are being processed and are partially completed, and it will be difficult to undo these processes in an organised way.

I know some of you will scream at me that this is SAPS’s own fault, we should never have had an amnesty, the process has taken too long, etc etc, and I agree with you.

However, let's be practical and realistic. If we are, I think you will understand, even if you do not agree with me, what my reasoning is and why amnesty firearms must be dealt with through the amnesty process. Hopefully, now it will be a simple shall issue process for an amnesty license.


08 JULY 2022

As many of our members may be aware by now, SAPS have issued a directive with respect to the recent Constitutional Court (Con Court) judgement of the 27 May 2022.

The Con Court dismissed the Minister of Police’s Appeal and upheld the Supreme Court Appeal’s  Judgment, in favour of Fidelity. The Con Court held that there was nothing in the Firearms Control Act which prevented someone with an expired firearm licence from applying for a new licence for the firearm.

We have now been waiting for a number of weeks for the SAPS directive which has now been received and is dated the 1st July 2022.

The directive establishes the process that SAPS will follow with respect to accepting and processing new firearm licence applications for those with expired licences. The process is as follows:

  • You must have a valid competency certificate, or apply for a new competency certificate, or renew your competency certificate, before you can apply for a new licence for the firearm.
  • Once you have received your competency, you can apply at your DFO for a new firearm licence with form SAPS271, fully motivated with supporting documents and the reason for the firearm.
  • The firearm does not have to be surrendered to the DFO and provision has been made in Annexure B for the firearm to be stored by the applicant. The applicant will have to confirm that the firearm will be kept in a safe that complies with the FCA and its Regulations. Annexure B will be uploaded with this advisory and will be available on the SAGA website.
  • The directive in paragraph 7 thereof further states that, “DFOs need take into consideration the Constitutional Court directives in the matter of SA Hunters against the National Commissioner of Police not to criminalise quite a number of citizens. In other words, the Constitutional Court does not expect SAPS to prosecute holders of firearms whose licences expired and wish to rectify the position.”
  • The guidelines to the directive further state that in the event that the applicant’s application is refused he/she will have an opportunity to dispose of the firearm, by selling, donation, deactivation, surrendering or any such manner as the Registrar may determine.
  • There is no mention of the fact that an applicant can appeal the licence refusal, but it stands to reason that in terms of the FCA and Regulations, an applicant should be entitled to appeal, but SAGA will clarify this with CFR and SAPS.
  • Another issue we are going to clarify with SAPS is whether those who do not wish to apply for new licences, but who may wish to dispose of such firearms, whether they may dispose of these firearms with a registered firearm dealer.
  • Further, in SAGA’s view it should be permissible for those with an expired firearm  licence to transfer or dispose of the firearm without going through an application process and that such persons should be entitled to transfer the firearm to a registered firearm dealer. SAGA will request clarification from SAPS on this issue.


In SAGA’s view - and more than likely the court’s view - those with expired firearm licences who utilised the amnesty process cannot now move from that process to this process, as the amnesty was a separate legal/parliamentary process.


SAGA wish to give thanks once more to Martin Hood, Fidelity and Fidelity’s legal team including their Advocate, and to Fidelity itself for taking this matter all the way to the Constitutional Court, at great cost and risk to themselves and we appreciate all the efforts of the parties concerned, as it has benefited scores of gun owners.

With this Directive, SAPS has at last taken a realistic and pragmatic view in this matter and applicants do not have to surrender their firearms to SAPS, which had occurred in the previous two amnesties, nor pay a penalty at all.

Should any further developments occur and should further directives be issued and received, we will immediately advise our members accordingly.

06 JULY 2022

SAGA has just received the attached SAPS directive with regard to the implications of the Fidelity judgement.

We will distribute an advisory on this in due course.

20 JUNE 2022

It comes as no surprise to all lawful gun owners that Adele Kirsten of Gun Free South Africa is once again on the campaign to have all firearms – and more specifically those for self-defence – banned.

It also comes as no surprise that she is unable to provide any substantial evidence or proof of her statements that “the majority of people who are being shot and killed in South Africa are young men between the ages of 15 and 29” and “that about 23 people are being are shot and killed every day.”

Quite typically the timing of her attack on legally owned firearms follows on another fatal shooting in the Western Cape, which the South African Police are either unable or unwilling to address. Rather than laying the blame on the incompetence of local law enforcement to effectively deal with gun-related violence in the Western Cape, she advocates the ban on the very instruments at the disposal of lawful gun owners to protect themselves and their loved ones against unlawful attacks.

This is the kind of unsubstantiated nonsense that we have come to expect from her. It appears that rather than doing something positive about the violence in the gang-ridden Western Cape, like joining various Community Policing Forums to try and find an answer to the prevalence of unlicensed firearms in the hands of gangs, she takes the easy way out by calling for a ban on licensed, legally possessed firearms, thus becoming part of the problem rather than the solution.

Her false narrative says murders will stop, if only we confiscate guns – a subtle but seductive error of logic. Weapons aren’t the issue. It is the use of weapons, for evil purpose by misguided or evil people, that’s what needs attention. It is quite evident that she thinks that disarming good people will make bad people harmless.
One wonders where she obtains her information now that her champion, Jeremy Vearey, is no longer in the police and no longer able to supply her with sensational information.

SAGA therefor calls on her to stop being part of the problem and to become part of the solution. We can rightfully ask what she has done to become involved with communities where all forms of violence are a daily occurrence. The answer is simple: “nothing” because it is easier to take the cowards’ way out and blame others.

15 JUNE 2022

SAGA has just had word that SAPS have updated their website with the lists of Firearms earmarked for destruction.

The lists of firearms to be destroyed can be found using the following link:

The lists are in order of Province
One can use CTRL-F to search for any firearm

13 JUNE 2022

SAGA is happy to report back to our members about the SAGA Class Actions over the last three months: 

1st SAGA Class Action:
148 have been finalised and there are 88 outstanding.

2nd SAGA Class Action:
94 have been finalised and there are 45 outstanding.

3rd SAGA Class Action:
44 have been finalised and 95 are still outstanding.

The vast majority of the outstanding matters are amnesty firearms notably 57 from the first, 18 from the second and 42 from the third list. 

From the total of all three class actions 286 applications have been finalized, 228 are outstanding and of these 117 are outstanding amnesty applications. The Amnesty applications have been delayed because of IBIS testing and we have been putting pressure on CFR to ensure that the outstanding IBIS testing is finalised. We have had some reports on Friday the 10th June that there has been a concerted effort on the part of SAPS to complete the IBIS testing. 

We have seen some fantastic success in our class actions and we are seeing results. CFR and SAPS update SAGA on a weekly basis and some credit must go to SAPS and CFR for keeping us up to date and to replying to queries. Although we do have some way to go, at least there has been a concerted effort of late on the part of CFR to work their way through our members’ long-delayed applications.

Details of the class action and how to have your name added to the list can be found on our Facebook page. SAGA members are welcome to apply, if you are not a SAGA member, please feel free to sign up. Joining the class action is costs you nothing.

Any members who have waited longer than 4 months for applications are welcome to submit their details. NOTE: If your name is already on the link, there is no need for you to register again unless you have further applications to deal with.

The link for the Class Action is:

SAGA is happy to report that licence cards from the months of March and April, and part of early May, have been printed and have been sent to the various Provincial FLASH and SAPS DFOs for distribution to the respective licence holders. We were advised by CFR on Friday that licence cards are being printed on a regular basis and it appears that CFR and SAPS are almost up to date with the printing of licence cards.

We will keep our members updated with respect to the above issues.

13 JUNE 2022

SAGA is aware of the notice in terms of Section 136 (1) of the Firearms Control Act issued by the National Commissioner as attached.

It is more likely that the firearms that are due to be destroyed, are firearms that have been handed in for destruction during the amnesty and/or firearms that have been seized from criminal activities, and where the cases have been finalized, and that these firearms are now being sent in for destruction.

It is therefore unlikely that firearms handed in during the previous two amnesties and where licences have been applied for, form part of what is to be destroyed.

As stated in the notice, if you feel you have a valid claim to any firearm, part or ammunition, please send your representations to the National Commissioner at the address stated in the Notice before 28 June 2022.

27 MAY 2022


We are pleased to advise that Fidelity ADT, Martin Hood and his legal team were successful in their bid in the Constitutional Court.

The Minister of Police's appeal was dismissed with costs, and the judgment was thus granted in favour of Fidelity ADT.

Please see the attached judgement as received.

In essence however, those persons who are in possession of firearms with expired licences will now be able to apply for a new licence for the firearm.

We are currently studying the judgment and will in due course send out further guidance on the judgment and its implications.

27 MAY 2022

SAGA has been made aware that Judgment in the Fidelity Case will be handed down today, 27 May 2022 at 10H00 in the Constitutional Court.

This is a landmark case and it could impact the renewal of expired firearm licences.

We wish Mr Martin Hood, his legal team, and Fidelity ADT all the best of luck and await the judgment.

We will keep our members updated and informed as to the outcome of this important judgment and what its implications may be.

19 MAY 2022

In an interview on 17 May 2022 on the radio station CAPE TALK, recently retired police general Jeremy Vearey, stated inter alia that guns in criminal hands originate from private owners. Not only is this statement the hackneyed nonsense we have come to expect from Gun Free South Africa – whom he now represents – but it is also dangerously untrue.

Had he done any research before shooting (intended pun) off his mouth, Vearey would have found that the origin of illegally held firearms in South Africa is to a very limited reason attributable to private citizens who have been victims of crime. By and far the biggest source of illegally held firearms in SA is from the South African Police Service, the South African National Defence Force as well as from outside sources such as Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Mozambique.

It boggles the mind that a former senior police officer can make such a statement. One wonders what Vearey did about this matter – if anything – while he was still serving and had the authority, as well as the responsibility, to act to safeguard the citizens of South Africa. Clearly he failed in executing his Constitutional duty to “prevent, combat and investigate crime, to maintain public order, (to) protect and secure the inhabitants of the Republic and their property and to uphold and enforce the law – (sec 205(3) of the Constitution).

How he can now blame his own failure on law abiding citizens, who are the victims of crimes he was sworn to protect, is beyond belief. He either simply accepted the situation or was incompetent, which is exactly proved by what he said. His association therefore with Gun Free South Africa is not surprising.

23 MARCH 2022

Representatives from SAGA, Safe Citizen and a number of other firearm rights organisations  recently met with the Civilian Secretariat for Police (CSOP), and will be having further meetings with the CSOP during the course of this month.

At one of the recent meetings, SAGA chairperson Damian Enslin, supplemented the original SAGA submissions on the draft Firearms Control Amendment Bill with further proposals concerning the following:

The licensing process should focus more on the competency than the licence in that you “license the person and then register the firearm”. 

Administration of the Act: 
The administration the FCA should not fall within the ambit of SAPS anymore as police training  generally concerns enforcement of law rather than administration. Quite often police officers are put in a quandary where they are dealing primarily with a piece of legislation that is administrative in nature, while their training focuses more on policing.

Licence Renewals: 
Proposals were made concerning Section 24 – the renewal section – in that it should allow persons with expired licences to renew them post the expiry date, possibly with a reasonable penalty.

Electronic System:
Proposals were also made concerning an electronic system because if there was an electronic system in place, it would be much easier for persons to submit applications, and this would reduce the burden on the administrating body that deals with the many applications it receives.

SAGA believes that the engagements with the CSOP have been positive, and it appears that the officials were receptive to the submissions made by SAGA and the other organisations at  the meetings. Time will tell whether these proposals are accepted or not. 

We will keep our members updated as matters develop.

18 MARCH 2022

As SAPS and CFR poor service delivery continues, with many members waiting many months and in some situations more than a year or two on the finalization of licence and competency applications, the SAGA office has been receiving numerous queries about the status of the class action and whether members can still join the action, and what is the current status.

We are happy to report that SAPS has made a string of approvals for our members that have been involved in the class action.

From the first class action which consisted of 260 we have had some success with the breakdown as follows:

  • 137 Approved = 47%
  • 52 In for Consideration = 20%
  • 71 Other = 33%
  • And with respect to the second batch of 167 applications the situation is as follows:
  • 77 Approved = 46%
  • 49 In for Consideration = 29%
  • 41 Other = 25%

Wherever possible the SAGA office will update members directly and we will be investigating those applications where there are issues that may still need to be resolved.

This strategy is working well and we encourage members that have problems with service delivery to contact us and join the SAGA class action today.

The link to join the action is: 

If you have already submitted your information then please do not do so again.

20 JANUARY 2022

Following months of public outrage over Norwood police station's SAPS 13 store, a probe into this station has revealed the theft of 158 firearms. Three senior police officers have also been implicated. Last year a robbery led to a police officer being killed, and it was found that the firearms used came from the Norwood police station SAPS 13 store.

SAGA has previously raised concerns about the security of firearms kept by SAPS as this is not the first time that this has occurred.

"SAPS has a track record of negligence with the storage of firearms and with firearms disappearing out of their SAPS 13 stores. SAPS also reports that, on average, around 700 official SAPS firearms are lost and/or stolen every year. SAGA believes that SAPS may understate the numbers of lost and/or stolen firearms," said SAGA Chairperson Damian Enslin on Tuesday.

For these reasons SAGA will be writing to the Minister and National Commissioner to call for a meeting whereby we can discuss these issues and come up with a solution to this problem.

26 NOVEMBER 2021

SAGA Reaction to the Briefing by the South African Police Service to the Portfolio Committee on Police regarding Legislation Progress Report

SAGA has received a copy of a PowerPoint presentation by the South African Police Service in which progress has been reported to the Portfolio Committee on Police (“PCoP”) on nine bills including the proposed Firearms Control Amendment Bill, 2021 (“FCA Bill”).

According to the presentation more than 118 000 public comments were received on the FCA Bill. 

The presentation stated that the Drafting Team conducted several work sessions where comments that were considered practical were incorporated in the Bill. SAGA disputes this as no consultation was held with SAGA, nor other firearm organisations and stakeholders, until the Civilian Secretariat for Police (“CSOP”) convened a webinar for 11 and 12 November, which was ultimately postponed.

Despite the presentation to the PCoP stating that substantive requests for information in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act were received and had been attended to, several requests in this regard by SAGA have been ignored.

The report states further that the Chief State Law Adviser has requested a legal opinion on the constitutionality of the deletion of sections 13, 14, 17 and 18 of the Principal Act and that a response is awaited. 

It however appears that the FCA Bill has been postponed and that the Bill in its current format will more than likely be redrafted.

SAGA will keep its members informed of any developments but according to press reports, it seems that the PCoP has decided to provisionally cease further discussions on the Bill. 

16 NOVEMBER 2021

We wish to advise our members that there is a very important court case between the Minister of Police and Fidelity ADT, which has been set down in the Constitutional Court (“Concourt”) this week Thursday, 18th of November 2021.

This case is extremely important for all firearm owners in South Africa, especially those who are in possession of firearms with an expired licence. 

The Minister and SAPS had appealed a previous decision by the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA), which judgment of the 22nd April 2021 had indicated that there was nothing in the Firearms Control Act which prevented a firearm owner who was in possession of an expired licence from applying for a new licence. 

Should the Concourt uphold the SCA’s ruling it will be a victory for all law-abiding firearms owners of this country. 

We will of course keep our members updated and advised on this important court case. 

12 NOVEMBER 2021

The Civilian Secretariat for Police Service (CSoP) has postponed their Webinar scheduled for 11-12 November 2021.

This is due to the fact that many from the firearm industry and various other stakeholders were not invited and, in addition, because of the very short notice given for the Webinar.

SAGA reiterates that the entire draft FCA Bill must be rejected out of hand.

We will keep our members updated concerning new dates for the Webinar when we have them.

08 NOVEMBER 2021

The Civilian Secretariat for Police Service (CSOP) has invited SAGA Chairperson, Damian Enslin, to a Ministerial Consultative Session on the Firearms Control Amendment Bill 2021 which will be held in the form of a Webinar on the 11th and 12th November 2021.

We believe that most, if not all, of the firearm organisations and bodies have been invited and will be present at the Webinar.

SAGA has also been requested to provide a presentation on self-defence and how it is affected by the Bill.

SAGA reiterates that the entire draft FCA Bill must be rejected out of hand.

Further feedback will be provided about the programme for the two days, and the outcome thereof in due course.

03 NOVEMBER 2021

The PFTC obtained an Order by agreement on Tuesday 26th October 2021, a copy of which is attached to this email.

The Order confirms the current status quo that the PFTC will continue to deal with the accreditation of Training Providers and the issuing of proficiency certificates.

27 OCTOBER 2021

Be In It to Win It!

A reminder to all members that the Glocktober Fest will come to an end on 31 October 2021.

So make sure your membership is up to date, to stand a chance to win a Glock 19X kit (which includes the pistol, mags, night sights and all the usual stuff you've come to expect from Glock). Just by being a fully paid-up SAGA member you will automatically be entered into the competition! Now that's an awesome membership benefit.

But there's more... for every new member you sign up to SAGA in the month of October, you will get an extra entry into the competition draw at the end of the month. Use this link www.saga.org.za/JOIN-SAGA/ or contact the office at saga@saga.org.za to sign up new members. Be sure to let us know that you are the one needing the extra competition entry so we can do the necessary admin.

In addition, if you head over to the City Guns Facebook page at facebook.com/CitygunsSA like their page and share the Glocktober Glock Giveaway pinned post, you will receive another entry into the competition!

Ts & Cs apply and are available to view on the SAGA website.

For any queries about the competition please contact City Guns directly on 021-424-9030

City Guns in conjunction with SAGA, and supported by Bernhard Agencies, are hosting this month of everything Glock.

19 OCTOBER 2021

The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations  (QCTO) has informed the South African Professional Firearm Trainers Council (“the PFTC”) that its mandate to accredit and deal with the certification of firearm training academies and firearm training will continue – see letter from the QCTO attached.

It thus appears that the QCTO and government have backed down.

More feedback will be provided after the court appearance on the 26th October 2021.

We will keep our members updated as matters develop.

11 OCTOBER 2021

Government via the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) has informed the South African Professional Firearm Trainers Council (“the PFTC”) that its mandate to accredit and deal with the certification of firearm training academies and firearm training has been terminated and that the SASSETA shall take this over.

A decision has been made by the QCTO that they will no longer work with the PFTC nor any other professional body.

Therefore, they have decided to cancel the mandate of the PFTC and revert back to SASSETA who had previously held this mandate.

“SAGA finds it ludicrous that where there is an efficient private system in place, such as the PFTC, that government wants to replace this body. The PFTC was established in order take over from the previous SASSETA, as it was mismanaged and in utter shambles.

This is an obvious attack by government against the firearm industry and the rights of law-abiding citizens who choose to own firearms for lawful purposes, and SAGA suspects that this illegal decision has been made due to the backlash that government suffered in the FCA Bill debacle.

The entire process is flawed and without proper consultation, and government is once more not acting within the constitution. We call on all citizens to oppose this action on the part of government.” said Damian Enslin, SAGA Chairperson, on Friday 8th October 2021.

SAGA has every intention of supporting the PFTC in this matter – we cannot afford to go back to the shambles that was SASSETA.

An urgent application has been served and the matter will be heard in the Gauteng High Court on 26 October 2021.

Help oppose this action by keeping your membership of SAGA up to date and encourage other firearm owners and interested parties to join SAGA. Members will be updated on the situation in due course.

08 OCTOBER 2021

Please find attached a letter written by our Chairman, Mr Damian Enslin,  with regards the printing of Firearm Licences.
PDF SAGA CFR Licence Cards

06 OCTOBER 2021

Last week SAGA President Adv John Welch and SAGA Trustee Stef Grobler met with Brigadier Mabula of the CFR and his office manager, Lt Col. Chiloane, in order to discuss the serious service delivery delay issues at the CFR.

Although the meeting was a positive one, there was no real plan of action available from the Brigadier; he was mainly concerned about DFO and provincial issues, as well as about applicants who are allegedly not completing their applications correctly.

“It is disappointing that the Brigadier doesn't have any real plan of action to deal with the application delays. Should Brigadier Mabula fail to address the issues raised, we will have no choice but to continue with the class action.” said Damian Enslin, SAGA Chairman on Tuesday 5 October 2021.

In a final effort, SAGA will therefore be addressing Brigadier Mabula on the issue that there is to date no plan of action, failing which the only alternative will be litigation against CFR and SAPS.

If any member who has not yet provided their service delivery delay information via our Form, and still wishes to do so, please use the link below to send SAGA the details:

As always, we will keep our members up to date with the firearms fight.

01 OCTOBER 2021

SAGA is excited to announce that October is Glocktober month! City Guns in conjunction with SAGA, and supported by Bernhard Agencies, are hosting a month of everything Glock.

A Glock 19X kit (which includes the pistol, mags, night sights and all the usual stuff you've come to expect from Glock) is up for grabs and just by being a fully paid-up SAGA member you will automatically be entered into the competition! Now that's an awesome membership benefit.
But there's more... for every new member you sign up to SAGA in the month of October, you will get an extra entry into the competition draw at the end of the month. Use this link www.saga.org.za/JOIN-SAGA/ or contact the office at saga@saga.org.za to sign up new members. Be sure to let us know that you are the one needing the extra competition entry so we can do the necessary admin.

In addition, if you head over to the City Guns Facebook page at facebook.com/CitygunsSA like their page and share the Glocktober Glock Giveaway pinned post, you will receive another entry into the competition!

If you are in Cape Town during October there are plenty of in-store Glock specials at City Guns including: 

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  • Saturdays are upgrade days. Pimp your Glock packages: connectors, magazine and slide releases and sights.
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Note: Some of these offers are also available online so if you are interested please contact the store for details on 021-424-9030.

Make sure you keep an eye on SAGA's Facebook page at facebook.com/GunLobbySAGA/ for updates during October. We will also send out emails to keep you updated.

Ts & Cs apply and are available to view on the SAGA website.

For any queries about the competition please contact City Guns directly on 021-424-9030.


Today, 29th September 2021, SAGA representatives will be meeting with Brigadier Mabula from the CFR.

In the last few months SAGA has called on its members to lodge their complaints and concerns regarding CFR and SAPS poor service delivery with us. As a direct result of the complaints received SAGA sent a letter to Brigadier Mabula and this has resulted in the meeting.

We will be discussing the poor service delivery and SAPS turnaround strategy in this matter. We look forward to the meeting and hope for an amicable outcome.

We will keep you, our members, updated as to what transpires after the meeting has been held.


Please see attached a letter just received from SAPS about firearm licence applications.

SAGA's comments on the letter will follow once we have had the opportunity to consider the content.

20 AUGUST 2021


SAGA members have been struggling for many months to obtain feedback on the progress – or lack of progress – with competency and licence applications, and SAGA’s offices have been receiving complaints from members about SAPS poor service delivery on a daily basis. We have now made a decision to proceed with this matter and take it further by putting government on terms.

SAGA has taken the decision to in due course go forward on behalf of our members with an application to the High Court against CFR and SAPS, to force them to process applications within a reasonable time period. Applications should be processed within 90 days (three months), as prescribed by the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act 3 of 2000 (PAJA).

Should any SAGA member experience poor service delivery with respect to their competency and/or licence application, which delays are unreasonable, or any other related issue, please email the SAGA office on saga@saga.org.za.


14 JULY 2021


 SAGA stands united with the government to prevent the current widespread chaos and anarchy in our country. All efforts must be made to prevent innocent civilians getting injured and killed. We strongly urge government to take all steps, irrespective of how harsh, to put an end to the violence and prevent the looting of legitimate businesses.

Excepting for a few units, the police are neither properly trained to deal with the situation, nor properly equipped. Government must ensure that business and people are able to carry on with their usual activities. Crime is not a usual business hence this must stop immediately.

Our constitutional dispensation is clear that people, who feel aggrieved for whatever reason, may peacefully protest. This they may do without being armed, without the destruction of property, and without infringing on the rights of those who do not participate in the protest. Unfortunately, this is not what is currently happening.

Our call to our members (and others who read this message) is to remain calm, remain law-abiding and responsible; however, to be alert and always be prepared to ward off violence and other criminality, should there be no other way out. Members are reminded to not take the law into their own hands but to only protect lives and property in accordance with the legal prescripts.

This media release is issued in the interest of all free and law-abiding citizens, who have the right of choice to possess firearms for lawful purposes.

We urge you to be safe and take care of yourselves – you remain the first respondent to violent crime.

Please Note: The SAGA Office is closed until further notice. Violence and destruction of property in the area have made it unsafe for the staff to keep working.

Issued by the SAGA Trust

01 JULY 2021


SAGA has noted with great concern that a research paper on firearm violence by the Wits School for Governance (“WITS Report”), commissioned in 2015 by the Civilian Secretariat for Police (CSOP), has apparently been used as the basis for the changes / amendments contained in the proposed Firearms Control Amendment Bill 2021.

This report, which was embargoed until being released by the CSOP on 26 June 2021, was reportedly already in the possession of Gunfree South Africa (GFSA) for some time.

SAGA finds it unacceptable that the report was in the possession of GFSA while being embargoed to other stakeholders.

Although SAGA is in the process of studying the WITS report, on a cursory reading it appears that the WITS report does not support government’s contentions that amending the FCA will reduce crime, rather that effective policing is what is required.

SAGA will be updating its submission and will be incorporating these new developments into our final submissions to the CSOP.

We will keep our members up to date as matters develop.

Issued by: The SAGA Trust

25 JUNE 2021


In order to fulfil our vision to actively negotiate with government and other bodies for practical and logical firearm legislation reforms, SAGA asked to address the City of Cape Town's Safety and Security Portfolio Committee on Friday 25 June 2021.

The committee chair Counsellor Mzwakhe Nqavashe obliged and extended an invitation to SAGA.

Damian Enslin, the Chairperson of SAGA, made the presentation.

The purpose of this presentation was to educate the committee on the FCA Amendment Bill 2021 and its dire ramifications, and further to request that they make a submission on the Bill in the public participation process with the Civilian Secretariat for Police Service.

A special Motion was introduced by the Chairperson and was carried, and thus the City of Cape Town will formally object to the Bill and make a submission against the FCA Bill.

This will be the first time that a City has taken a stand for firearm rights in South Africa. SAGA would like to thank the Committee for the invitation and for the resolution made on
the matter.

Issued by: The SAGA Trust

23 JUNE 2021


On Tuesday 22 June 2021, SAGA Chairperson Damian Enslin spoke at the DA Firearms Summit. Damian was invited to speak and gave his perspective as an attorney.

When asked to speak about the current administration of the Firearms Control Act, Damian had the following to say:

"As you may know the CFR is in disarray... from the station level all the way to national level it is in disarray, applications take an inordinate amount of time, I'm constantly fielding questions from clients who are waiting many months for their competence or licence applications to be granted... it seems that the national office is incapable of remedying the problem. This was exacerbated by the two amnesties."

Although self-defence was the main issue raised at the Firearms Summit, all the organizations involved provided input and issues surrounding hunting, sports shooting, firearms collecting and reloading were raised.

We would like to reiterate that SAGA is passionate about the right of the law-abiding citizen to choose to own a firearm for whatever legal purpose they see fit. And we are passionate about ensuring that people's rights are protected. A big part of the vision of SAGA is that everyone should be free to choose if they wish to own a firearm or not. We want our members to be secure in the knowledge that we hold their best interests at heart and we will not compromise on this.

It's never been as easy to join SAGA as it is now – just click on the link JOIN-SAGA or scan the QR Code on the right.

If you have any questions about the renewal process, or any feedback regarding your experience with SAGA, please contact our membership manager, Mrs Gaye Marshall-Goodridge on 031-562-9951 or saga@saga.org.za


19 JUNE 2021


Saturday 19 June 2021

On Saturday, SAGA Chairperson, Damian Enslin, was asked to speak at a peaceful march to parliament that was organised by Ride to Freedom to protest against the Draft Firearms Control Amendment Bill, 2021. The protest was at full capacity in terms of the current Covid restrictions on public events. People attended from different parts of Cape Town and the numbers would have been much greater had more people been permitted.

“The biggest issue with this Bill is that government has not spoken to the stakeholders, the role players, they have not spoken to us about this Bill. They said they have, but they haven’t spoken to organisations such as SAGA and GOSA, they have not consulted with any of us. Under a democracy you are meant to consult with the people and not just push a Bill through.” Damian Enslin said on Saturday.

The City of Cape Town's mayoral committee member for safety and security, JP Smith, also spoke and gave his support to the fight against this Bill.

"We cannot consider supporting this legislation … if you are a Member of Parliament and are considering supporting this legislation, you must never again expect government to protect you, don't expect armed protection when you expect the citizens to be without that same protection afforded to you … let's see how confident you will do your job without armed protection," he said.

SAGA would like to thank the organisers of this protest for inviting us to speak and make it known that SAGA is happy to work with any organisation that is willing to fight this Bill in a lawful manner.

SAGA encourages all firearms owners to make a factual submission against this Bill and to make use of platforms such as DearSA to make their voices heard. All SAGA members are encouraged to recruit at least one member and to keep their memberships up to date so SAGA can continue to serve and fight for members’ rights as they have done since 1985.

Issued by SAGA

20 June 2021

23 MAY 2021



As many of our members are aware, on Friday 21st May 2021, Government released the Preamble to the Draft Firearms Control Amendment Bill, 2021.

Officially at the time of releasing this media statement, the actual Bill itself has not as yet been publicised, although an unofficial “leaked” version has been doing the rounds over the weekend.

It is clear from the Preamble that the Bill is, and will be, very draconian, with the most pressing issue the fact that the right choose to own a firearm for self-defence licenced in terms of Section13 has been removed.

How government could ever think about removing the right to choose to own a firearm for self-defence, when we are experiencing a severe crime rate and where even the police have previously admitted that they don’t have sufficient capacity to protect all citizens, is completely inconceivable.

In SAGA’s view, Government seems to be completely out of touch with reality and that Cabinet, Ministers and many government officials in high positions, who are protected on a daily basis by security teams and SAPS, paid for by tax payers, now wish to leave ordinary South Africans citizens unarmed and at the mercy of criminals.

SAGA will not take this lying down. SAGA’s legal team will be preparing submissions in response to the Draft Bill and, if necessary, SAGA is prepared to take this matter to Court to protect its members and ordinary South African’s right to choose a firearm for self-defence.

SAGA representatives are working through the documentation thus far released - and still due to be released - and will report back to members about what can be done to have their say about this Draft Bill and to help support SAGA’s objections.

Now is the time for all firearm owners to unite, and if you are not a member of SAGA, join us onsaga@saga.org.za.

SAGA believes in the right of law-abiding and responsible citizens to choose to own and use firearms for sport, self-defence, recreation and other legitimate purposes.

Please keep a look out for further releases from SAGA in the near future.
Issued By: Damian Enslin
SAGA Chairperson

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