The South African Gunowners' Association (SAGA) is a non-profit, non-discriminatory organization, whose sole purpose is to represent the interests of all people who embrace the principles of safe and responsible ownership and usage of firearms for sport, recreation, hunting and self-defence.

SAGA is the watchdog that endeavours to safeguard the rights of the South African public by engaging government in discussion regarding firearm related issues and to provide technical assistance and expertise where needed. This is achieved by collecting and disseminating information regarding all aspects of the legitimate use of firearms. This is to enable responsible, non-discriminatory and enforceable legislation that would benefit all South Africans, irrespective of race, colour or creed.

  • We are the voice of South Africa’s law-abiding firearm owners.
  • We are a non-party political, independent, non-profit association.
  • We protect the right of responsible citizens to own and use firearms for sport, self-defence, recreation or other legitimate purposes.
  • We believe that over-restrictive legislation and regulations are unfair to the responsible citizen.
  • We negotiate with government and other bodies for practical and logical reforms.
  • We actively promote  the safe handling and safe storage of firearms and are unequivocally opposed to firearm misuse.
  • We do not interfere with the activities of other firearm related associations, but actively seek their support and assistance for the benefit of all firearm owners.
  • We work to improve the negative image of firearms by taking positive action.
  • We have credibility and international acceptance as representative of South African firearm owners with other large international associations such as:

          The National Rifle Association of America
          The National Firearms Association of Canada
          The Sport Shooting Association of Australia
          The Sporting Shooters Association of New Zealand


  • We are an active member of The World Forum on Shooting Activities.


SAGA works to improve the negative image of firearms, by taking the media to task through letters and discussion, to ensure that a balanced and factual account is given of firearm owners. 

SAGA continuously negotiates with Government at National and Regional level, to ensure that we are consulted on any issues regarding firearms. 

SAGA is already used by TV, national and regional radio, to provide input on firearm related topics. 

SAGA has already protested strongly against bureaucracy and has been successful in :           

  • The withdrawal of the 12-gun limit       
  • The withdrawal of import restrictions on certain popular guns       
  • Moderation of the "automatically unfit to possess" clause       
  • Establishment of an Appeal system       
  • Introduction of a reason for Refusal for a firearm license       
  • Acknowledgement that the PERSON is more important than the gun


The World Forum on Sport Shooting Activities (WFSA) is an ECOSOC NGO at United Nations representing over 100 million hunters and sport shooters.  We also represent most of the major civilian firearms and ammunition manufacturers.


  • WFSA is a constructive, active organization that, in the spirit of goodwill and cooperation, offers decision makers worldwide information, solutions and alternatives to problems and questions of common interest.
  • WFSA is open and encourages the exchange of information and views among all interested parties.
  • WFSA is dependent on and draws upon the substance, expertise and wisdom of its member associations and organizations. Collectively they represent the vast majority of the sport shooting community.
  • WFSA devotes itself to addressing the problems and questions of common interest.
  • WFSA expresses itself in the consensus views of its members.
  • WFSA endeavours to involve as many groups as possible which are active in hunting and sport shooting activities.
  • WFSA seeks to be a respected, credible international organization conveying the views of all sectors of the sport shooting community.