20 AUGUST 2021


SAGA members have been struggling for many months to obtain feedback on the progress – or lack of progress – with competency and licence applications, and SAGA’s offices have been receiving complaints from members about SAPS poor service delivery on a daily basis. We have now made a decision to proceed with this matter and take it further by putting government on terms.

SAGA has taken the decision to in due course go forward on behalf of our members with an application to the High Court against CFR and SAPS, to force them to process applications within a reasonable time period. Applications should be processed within 90 days (three months), as prescribed by the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act 3 of 2000 (PAJA).

Should any SAGA member experience poor service delivery with respect to their competency and/or licence application, which delays are unreasonable, or any other related issue, please email the SAGA office on saga@saga.org.za.


14 JULY 2021


 SAGA stands united with the government to prevent the current widespread chaos and anarchy in our country. All efforts must be made to prevent innocent civilians getting injured and killed. We strongly urge government to take all steps, irrespective of how harsh, to put an end to the violence and prevent the looting of legitimate businesses.

Excepting for a few units, the police are neither properly trained to deal with the situation, nor properly equipped. Government must ensure that business and people are able to carry on with their usual activities. Crime is not a usual business hence this must stop immediately.

Our constitutional dispensation is clear that people, who feel aggrieved for whatever reason, may peacefully protest. This they may do without being armed, without the destruction of property, and without infringing on the rights of those who do not participate in the protest. Unfortunately, this is not what is currently happening.

Our call to our members (and others who read this message) is to remain calm, remain law-abiding and responsible; however, to be alert and always be prepared to ward off violence and other criminality, should there be no other way out. Members are reminded to not take the law into their own hands but to only protect lives and property in accordance with the legal prescripts.

This media release is issued in the interest of all free and law-abiding citizens, who have the right of choice to possess firearms for lawful purposes.

We urge you to be safe and take care of yourselves – you remain the first respondent to violent crime.

Please Note: The SAGA Office is closed until further notice. Violence and destruction of property in the area have made it unsafe for the staff to keep working.

Issued by the SAGA Trust

01 JULY 2021


SAGA has noted with great concern that a research paper on firearm violence by the Wits School for Governance (“WITS Report”), commissioned in 2015 by the Civilian Secretariat for Police (CSOP), has apparently been used as the basis for the changes / amendments contained in the proposed Firearms Control Amendment Bill 2021.

This report, which was embargoed until being released by the CSOP on 26 June 2021, was reportedly already in the possession of Gunfree South Africa (GFSA) for some time.

SAGA finds it unacceptable that the report was in the possession of GFSA while being embargoed to other stakeholders.

Although SAGA is in the process of studying the WITS report, on a cursory reading it appears that the WITS report does not support government’s contentions that amending the FCA will reduce crime, rather that effective policing is what is required.

SAGA will be updating its submission and will be incorporating these new developments into our final submissions to the CSOP.

We will keep our members up to date as matters develop.

Issued by: The SAGA Trust

25 JUNE 2021


In order to fulfil our vision to actively negotiate with government and other bodies for practical and logical firearm legislation reforms, SAGA asked to address the City of Cape Town's Safety and Security Portfolio Committee on Friday 25 June 2021.

The committee chair Counsellor Mzwakhe Nqavashe obliged and extended an invitation to SAGA.

Damian Enslin, the Chairperson of SAGA, made the presentation.

The purpose of this presentation was to educate the committee on the FCA Amendment Bill 2021 and its dire ramifications, and further to request that they make a submission on the Bill in the public participation process with the Civilian Secretariat for Police Service.

A special Motion was introduced by the Chairperson and was carried, and thus the City of Cape Town will formally object to the Bill and make a submission against the FCA Bill.

This will be the first time that a City has taken a stand for firearm rights in South Africa. SAGA would like to thank the Committee for the invitation and for the resolution made on
the matter.

Issued by: The SAGA Trust

23 JUNE 2021


On Tuesday 22 June 2021, SAGA Chairperson Damian Enslin spoke at the DA Firearms Summit. Damian was invited to speak and gave his perspective as an attorney.

When asked to speak about the current administration of the Firearms Control Act, Damian had the following to say:

"As you may know the CFR is in disarray... from the station level all the way to national level it is in disarray, applications take an inordinate amount of time, I'm constantly fielding questions from clients who are waiting many months for their competence or licence applications to be granted... it seems that the national office is incapable of remedying the problem. This was exacerbated by the two amnesties."

Although self-defence was the main issue raised at the Firearms Summit, all the organizations involved provided input and issues surrounding hunting, sports shooting, firearms collecting and reloading were raised.

We would like to reiterate that SAGA is passionate about the right of the law-abiding citizen to choose to own a firearm for whatever legal purpose they see fit. And we are passionate about ensuring that people's rights are protected. A big part of the vision of SAGA is that everyone should be free to choose if they wish to own a firearm or not. We want our members to be secure in the knowledge that we hold their best interests at heart and we will not compromise on this.

It's never been as easy to join SAGA as it is now – just click on the link JOIN-SAGA or scan the QR Code on the right.

If you have any questions about the renewal process, or any feedback regarding your experience with SAGA, please contact our membership manager, Mrs Gaye Marshall-Goodridge on 031-562-9951 or saga@saga.org.za


19 JUNE 2021


Saturday 19 June 2021

On Saturday, SAGA Chairperson, Damian Enslin, was asked to speak at a peaceful march to parliament that was organised by Ride to Freedom to protest against the Draft Firearms Control Amendment Bill, 2021. The protest was at full capacity in terms of the current Covid restrictions on public events. People attended from different parts of Cape Town and the numbers would have been much greater had more people been permitted.

“The biggest issue with this Bill is that government has not spoken to the stakeholders, the role players, they have not spoken to us about this Bill. They said they have, but they haven’t spoken to organisations such as SAGA and GOSA, they have not consulted with any of us. Under a democracy you are meant to consult with the people and not just push a Bill through.” Damian Enslin said on Saturday.

The City of Cape Town's mayoral committee member for safety and security, JP Smith, also spoke and gave his support to the fight against this Bill.

"We cannot consider supporting this legislation … if you are a Member of Parliament and are considering supporting this legislation, you must never again expect government to protect you, don't expect armed protection when you expect the citizens to be without that same protection afforded to you … let's see how confident you will do your job without armed protection," he said.

SAGA would like to thank the organisers of this protest for inviting us to speak and make it known that SAGA is happy to work with any organisation that is willing to fight this Bill in a lawful manner.

SAGA encourages all firearms owners to make a factual submission against this Bill and to make use of platforms such as DearSA to make their voices heard. All SAGA members are encouraged to recruit at least one member and to keep their memberships up to date so SAGA can continue to serve and fight for members’ rights as they have done since 1985.

Issued by SAGA

20 June 2021

23 MAY 2021



As many of our members are aware, on Friday 21st May 2021, Government released the Preamble to the Draft Firearms Control Amendment Bill, 2021.

Officially at the time of releasing this media statement, the actual Bill itself has not as yet been publicised, although an unofficial “leaked” version has been doing the rounds over the weekend.

It is clear from the Preamble that the Bill is, and will be, very draconian, with the most pressing issue the fact that the right choose to own a firearm for self-defence licenced in terms of Section13 has been removed.

How government could ever think about removing the right to choose to own a firearm for self-defence, when we are experiencing a severe crime rate and where even the police have previously admitted that they don’t have sufficient capacity to protect all citizens, is completely inconceivable.

In SAGA’s view, Government seems to be completely out of touch with reality and that Cabinet, Ministers and many government officials in high positions, who are protected on a daily basis by security teams and SAPS, paid for by tax payers, now wish to leave ordinary South Africans citizens unarmed and at the mercy of criminals.

SAGA will not take this lying down. SAGA’s legal team will be preparing submissions in response to the Draft Bill and, if necessary, SAGA is prepared to take this matter to Court to protect its members and ordinary South African’s right to choose a firearm for self-defence.

SAGA representatives are working through the documentation thus far released - and still due to be released - and will report back to members about what can be done to have their say about this Draft Bill and to help support SAGA’s objections.

Now is the time for all firearm owners to unite, and if you are not a member of SAGA, join us onsaga@saga.org.za.

SAGA believes in the right of law-abiding and responsible citizens to choose to own and use firearms for sport, self-defence, recreation and other legitimate purposes.

Please keep a look out for further releases from SAGA in the near future.
Issued By: Damian Enslin
SAGA Chairperson

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